Dr. Shrink & Bay Area Recycling are making it easy to recycle your shrink wrap covers.

What is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap is a plastic sheeting commonly used to cover and store objects.  When learning about shrink wrap you will hear a multitude of terms used to describe it, one of which is polyethylene.  Polyethylene is currently the most popular type of plastic; it is used in a range of densities to make a variety of products from plastic bags to underwater piping, and shrink wrap. One of the most important benefits shrink wrap provides is the protection it offers your valuables. The various applications shrink wrap is used for is growing by the minute; boats, RVs, autos, machinery, scaffolding, construction, modular homes, disaster relief, packaging, and much more.

Why Does it Need Recycling?

Dr. Shrink shrink wrap is a premium, 100% virgin resin material that is easily recycled into a variety of usable consumer products. Shrink wrap WILL NOT biodegrade in a landfill, so it is extremely important to have it recycled.

What Happens After Recycling?

Because Dr. Shrink only supplies 100% virgin resin material, it cannot be recycled back into the same quality of material. However there are a multitude of other items that recycled shrink wrap can be turned into such as garbage bags , construction plastic, and other consumer items.

Doing Your Part

Throwing this material into a landfill is waste and is damaging to the environment. Recycling your shrink wrap cover is something everyone should be conscious of. Dr. Shrink, Inc. cares about preserving the environment and devised a recycling system for shrink wrap that is easy, effective, and trouble-free. By teaming up with Bay Area Recycling for Charities in Traverse City, MI, Dr. Shrink is working in an effort to recycle shrink wrap covers. This program offers an environmentally friendly option to all local boat storage facilities, marinas and boat owners, asking them to help the environment by recycling shrink wrap. Marinas and storage facilities are encouraged to accept plastic wrap from area boaters. Profits from this effort are then donated to local charities.


Recycling Run Program

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